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Chef Arup Kakati

Chef Arup Kakati

Corporate Chef, Little Earth Group
The Little Earth Group
Nilgiris, India

Hailing from Assam, Chef Arup has carved out a stellar 25-year career in the culinary arts, 18 of which were spent with the Oberoi Group of Hotels. His culinary expertise led him to serve as a personal chef to industry giants like P.R.S. Oberoi, Mukesh Ambani, and Ratan Tata, underlining his exceptional talent.

A passionate traveler, Arup has gathered a wealth of global culinary insights, enriching his own distinctive cooking style.

Currently the corporate chef at The Little Earth Group, he's more than just a chef; he's a mentor, an innovator, and this year's recipient of the Culinary Visionary Award. His culinary journey speaks to his relentless commitment to quality, his knack for fusing local ingredients with international flair, and his ceaseless pursuit of innovation in the kitchen.

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