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Dr. Nicola Bradbear

Dr. Nicola Bradbear

Bees for Development (UK)
Monmouth, United Kingdom

Director of Bees for Development, UK, Dr. Nicola Bradbear is an expert in the domain of bees who emphasizes bee's intrinsic nature in maintaining the fragile balance of the world we live in. After completing her PhD at Durham University, working for ten years at the International Bee Research Association, and lecturing on bees at Cardiff University, Nicola Bradbear founded the international not-for-profit Bees for Development.

Bees for Development has received major awards for its work, more recently, they were presented the Award for the Welsh organisation achieving greatest overall impact in Africa.

Nicola has instigated bee research and development activities world-wide in collaboration with beekeepers in more than 50 countries. She is also an advisor to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and other international agencies, working in many nations including Afghanistan, Chechnya, El Salvador, Eritrea, and Iraq.

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