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Chef Avinash Martins

Chef Avinash Martins

Head Chef
Goa, India

Chef Avinash Martins is a celebrated culinary storyteller, winner of the “TOP Restaurant Awards 2023” by Conde Nast Traveller and “Chef of the Year 2023” by Zee Zest Unlimit Awards. Leaving behind his family’s maritime legacy, he followed his passion for cooking. His skills were honed under renowned chefs Thomas Keller, Georges Blanc, and Gary Danko. Returning to Goa in 2013, he opened Cavatina in South Goa.

Initially a world cuisine restaurant, Cavatina evolved post-pandemic into a celebration of diverse community cuisines. Drawing inspiration from the diverse local and indigenous communities of Goa and India, it now features a stunning seven-course tasting menu, each course telling a story through a postcard format. Chef Avinash describes Cavatina as a place for showcasing food and the stories of communities.

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