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Ginko Walk

A journey through the vales of Lovedale with world masters on haiku
Child Friendly - Yes
Pet Friendly - No
22nd December 2023
7 AM to 10 AM
15 seats only
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1500 INR
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A slow walk through the magical hills and vales of Lovedale, in the 175 plus year-old Lawrence School.  A haiku walk is where writers forage for images and sensory experiences that can inspire haiku or haikai forms. The walk will be interspersed with readings from Japanese and world masters of the art.


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What's the agenda?

  • Ginko is the name of a nature walk to learn and absorb the haiku way of life. It focuses on walking on a historic or picturesque route, observing the many changes in nature and jotting down observations. 
  • The Ginko is a walk that haiku poets or haijin are called, undertake to forage for moments of inspiration that will later become haiku. 
  • The Ginko walk at Lawrence School, Lovedale will span around 2.5 hours, where haijin Shobhana Kumar will spend a little time between the walk to share poignant haiku verses by Japanese haiku masters and well known global writers. 
  • The walk will largely be a silent, introspective time where aspiring writers can note down observations and the minutiae of the natural abundance of the location. 
  • At the end of the walk, the group will sit down, share their thoughts and observations and be introduced to the art of framing a haiku.